Another blue eyed tri male is Rebellious Rogue.  He is around 16 1/2".  He is negative for PRA, HC and MDR1. 

Our little toy male Friendship Farms Jiminy Cricket  He is 13" tall, neg for PRA, HC and MDR1.

Friendship Farms Blue Cheeze is a retired male and has a lot of influence in our breeding program.  He is kind and well built.  He is 15 1/4"

Luke is a 16" blue eyed tri.  He is registered as Friendship Farms Shake it for Me.  He is out of Minnie and Bandit, both raised here at our home. 

Luke is a reference sire now for us.  He is living with great friends in Indiana.

Houston is a big boy.  He has a great head and a big smile.  He has a young personality and our first Aussie in 20 years to have Hazel eyes. 

Friendship Farms Raisin a Ruckus.  He is out of a blue eyed tri female and is 15 1/2" tall.  He is negative for PRA, HC and MDR1. 

Patchworks Malachi. Two blue eyes.  He has been sold and is now a reference sire for us.  

PRA- neg   HC-neg  MDR1-neg  DM-neg

This beautiful boy is only 14 1/2" tall.  He has two blue eyes.  He is a carrier of the blue eyed tri gene and also carries red.  He is out of Ruckus and Dani.